GeoViews is completely open source, available under a BSD license freely for both commercial and non-commercial use. GeoViews was originally developed with the support of Anaconda Inc., and is now maintained by Anaconda developers and community contributors.

GeoViews is part of the HoloViz family of tools. The holoviz.org website shows how to use GeoViews together with other libraries to solve complex problems, with detailed tutorials and examples. You can see a variety of projects using GeoViews at examples.pyviz.org, and you can compare GeoViews to other available tools at pyviz.org.

If you have any questions or usage issues visit the GeoViews Discourse site.

If you like GeoViews and have built something you want to share, tweet a link or screenshot of your latest creation at @HoloViews, along with any other library you used (@HoloViz_org, @Panel_org, @Datashader, @Bokeh, @Matplotlib, etc.). Thanks!