Version 1.11.0#

Date: November 1, 2023

This release brings compatibility with the latest versions of Bokeh (3.3) and Python (3.12), while also discontinuing support for Python 3.8. Many thanks to @ahuang11, @maximlt, @philippjfr, and @Hoxbro for their ongoing contributions.


  • Add VectorField/WindBarbs project operation (#296)

Bug fixes:

  • Add **kwargs to all get_extents (#670)

  • Update to use self.param.warning (#672)

  • Set default zoom_level on Matplotlib’s WMTS to 3 from 8 (#685)


  • Replace np.NaN with np.nan (#680)

  • Update to support Bokeh 3.3 and Python 3.12 and drop Python 3.8 (#683)

  • Update to support Python 3.12 and drop Python 3.8 (#683)

  • Update Stamen maps (#684)


  • Update GeoViews installation (#669)

  • Remove calling .cols(3) on the homepage (#681)


Version 1.10.1#

Date: July 20, 2023

This micro release adds support for Bokeh 3.2. More maps are added to Geoviews with xyzservices and many more maps from ESRI. WindBarbs plot is now supported in the Matplotlib backend. Many thanks to @djm93dev for his first contribution and also @ahuang11, @maximlt, @philippjfr, and @Hoxbro for their continuous contributions.


  • Add WindBarbs to the Matplotlib Backend (#651, #662)

  • Add support for xyzservices (#654)

  • Add World_Physical_Map, World_Shaded_Relief and World_Topo_Map and many more maps from ESRI (#655)


  • Add documentation for GeoViews offline features and tiles (#649)


  • Add Bokeh 3.2 support to GeoViews (#664)

  • Improve rioxarray support (#645)

  • Remove deprecated np.product for (#660)


Version 1.10.0#

Date: May 25, 2023

This release adds Bokeh 3 support to Geoviews, along with bug fixes and enhancements. Many thanks to @ahuang11, @maximlt, @philippjfr, and @Hoxbro.

This release also deprecates the Wikipedia tile source. If you are using this tile source, please switch to the OSM tile source instead. The Wikipedia tile source will be removed in version 1.11.0. geoviews.util.load_tiff has also been deprecated rioxarray.open_rasterio to load GeoTIFFs into a xarray.DataArray.

Note, this release has a minor breaking change where gv.feature.states defaults to fill_color=None so the fill color is transparent.


  • Add Bokeh 3 support to GeoViews (#625)

  • Add PandasAPI to GeoPandasInterface (#620)

  • Updated the default for gv.feature.states to fill_color=None (#643)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix hover for overlays of gv.Points (#631)


  • Allow Dataset to have any number of kdims (#626)

  • Add pyproj to the runtime dependencies (#627)

  • HoloViews 1.16 support (#633)

  • Deprecate Wikipedia tile (#630, #636)

  • Use Geodatasets for geo datasets (#635)

  • Deprecate geoviews.util.load_tiff (#640)


  • Use ruff as a formatting tool (#628)

  • Use codespell as a spelling checker (#641)

  • General maintenance (#602, #630, #632)

  • Update to latest nbsite (#638)

Version 1.9.6#

Date: Jan 17, 2023

This release contains a small number of bug fixes and compatibility with the latest releases of Numpy and Shapely. Many thanks to @pmav99, @philippjfr, @maximlt, and @Hoxbro.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix regression and remove deprecation warnings for gv.annotators (#583)


  • Compatibility with Shapely 2.0 (#570, #603)

  • Compatibility with Numpy 1.24 (#608)

  • Compatibility with HoloViews 1.15 (#572, #574)

  • Compatibility with Python 3.11 (#601)


  • Fix TypeScript files not being packaged and therefore gave an uncaught error in the console for gv.annotators (#610)

  • Fix building with pip install . and update of packages (#575, #579)

  • Setting NPM access to public and update package.json (#585, #586)



Version 1.9.5#

Date: Mar 8, 2022

This is a micro release fixes a regression introduced in the 1.9.4 release.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix regression related to RGB(A) element conversion: (#562)

Version 1.9.4#

Date: Feb 17, 2022

This is a micro release with a small number of bug fixes and compatibility fixes with HoloViews 1.14.8 and support for Python 3.10.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix handling of 3-channel RGB element (#558)

  • Add support for pandas Float64Array (#559)


  • Compatibility with HoloViews 1.14.8 (#556)

  • Compatibility with Python 3.10 by replacing LooseVersion with packaging.Version (#555)

Version 1.9.3#

This release contains a few bug fixes and improvements, and adds compatibility with Shapely 1.8 and the upcoming version 2.0. Thanks to @philippjfr, @maximlt and @ahuang11 for contributing to this release.

Bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Add missing _process_msg method to GeoPolyEditCallback (#539)

  • Accept lowercase xmin/ymin/xmax/ymax in WMTS URL templates (#542)

  • Support GeoDataframe with a geometry column not named geometry (#545)

  • Add opentopomap as a tile source (#514)


  • Adapt to shapely 1.8.0 and 2.0 (#543)

Docs improvements:

  • Update the CSS of links (#544)

Version 1.9.2#

Minor release by @philippjfr for Bokeh 2.4 compatibility:

  • Rebuild extensions for Bokeh >=2.4 (#525)

  • Require cartopy>=0.18 to match conda-forge recipe

  • Fix compatibility with upcoming HoloViews 2.0

  • Switch website to pydata_sphinx_theme (#528)

Version 1.9.1#

This micro-release fixes the bundling and deployment of geoviews.js to NPM but otherwise has no contents.

Version 1.9.0#

This GeoViews release primarily provides compatibility with the latest releases of Cartopy (0.18), Bokeh (2.3), HoloViews (1.14.x) and fixes a number of other issues.


  • Add utility to download tile RGB (#458)


  • Compatibility with Bokeh 2.3 (#487)

  • Compatibility for regridding with latest xesmf (#488)

  • Compatibility with HoloViews 1.14.x for resampling operation and stream callback (#488)

  • Compatibility with latest Cartopy 0.18 (#488)

Bug fixes:

  • Allow using geopandas interface without using geometry column (#464)

  • Fix Hover tooltip projection (#490)

  • Use the set geometry column on Geopandas DataFrames (#489)

  • Fix xesmf regridding file_pattern parameter (#491)

Version 1.8.2#

Minor bugfix release. Includes contributions from: @philippjfr

Bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Bump geoviews.js version and bokeh requirements (#473)

  • Handle proj4.js API change in Hover formatter (#472)

Version 1.8.1#

This fixes some minor incompatibilities between latest HoloViews and the Iris data interface in GeoViews.

  • Updated Iris interface for compatibility with HoloViews 1.13.x (#453)

Version 1.8.0#

This release makes introduces no actual changes on top of version 1.7.0, it simply adds a dependency on bokeh>=2.0, which also means that this is the first version that requires Python 3.

  • Compatibility with Bokeh 2.0 (#449)

Version 1.7.0#

This release adds some major features to HoloViews and adds compatibility for HoloViews 1.13.0. This is also the last release with support for Python 2. Many thanks for the many people who contributed by filing issues and our contributors including @ceball, @jsignell, @ahuang11, @jbednar and @philippjfr.


  • Added geographic projection awareness to hv.annotate function (#377, #419)

  • Rewrote geometry interfaces such as geopandas to conform to new HoloViews geometry protocol (#407)

  • Implement consistent .geom method on geometry types (e.g. Path, Polygons, Points) (#424)

  • Add new Rectangles and Segments elements (#377)

Bug fixes:

  • Allow updating user defined HoverTool instances (#440)

  • Fix for ticks fontsize in matplotlib backend (#402)

  • Fix for xaxis/yaxis=’bare’ option in matplotlib backend (#401)


  • Compatibility with HoloViews 1.13.0 (#429, #430)

Version 1.6.6#

This is a minor release with a small number of bug fixes. Thanks to @nickhand, @philippjfr and @jsignell for contributing to this release.

  • Ensure that projecting QuadMesh does not drop options (#367)

  • Fix handling of pyproj strings (#376)

  • Disable fixed_bounds to avoid bug when zooming in bokeh (#390)

  • Add support for geometry columns other than ‘geometry’ on geopandas DataFrames (#391)

  • Fixed handling of pyproj dependency (#392)

Version 1.6.5#

Minor bugfix release. Includes contributions from @philippjfr:

Bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Fixed issues with target extents in project_image (#365)

Version 1.6.4#

Minor bugfix release. Includes contributions from @philippjfr, @ahuang11, @zassa, and @ceball

Bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Ensure that gridline labels are only drawn once (#364)

  • Compatibility with latest HoloViews data interface (#363)

  • Add grid labels (#351)

  • Hardcode the OSM tile source to https (#333)

  • Fix hover formatting for Mercator coordinates (#358)

Version 1.6.3#

Minor release, mostly bugfixes. Includes contributions from @philippjfr, @ahuang11, and @rsignell-usgs.

New features:

  • Add geo features for US states (#312)

  • Add ESRI Ocean tile layers (#320)

Bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Add dtype methods to geometry interfaces (#345)

  • Ensure that Line Shape is not filled in matplotlib (#326)

  • Avoid zooming in beyond tile/axis resolution (#325)

  • Fix gridlines for gv matplotlib overlay (#308)

Version 1.6.2#

Minor release, mostly bugfixes. Includes contributions from @philippjfr.

New feature:

  • Add adaptive geometry resampling operation, allowing working with large shape files interactively, increasing their resolution when zooming in (#282)

Bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Fixed img project if src and target projection are equal (#288)

  • Added plotting backend load hooks (#286)

  • Do not import regrid operations by default

  • Fixed re-initialization of backend (#284)

  • Improved handling of non-default central longitudes (#281)

  • Small fix for Path longitude wrapping (#279)

Version 1.6.2#

Includes contributions from @ahuang11 (unlimit vdims) and @philippjfr.

Bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Unlimit the vdims for various elements (#253)

  • Improve handling of geopandas and empty geometries (#278)

  • Updated opts syntax in gallery examples (#277)

  • Fixed bugs projecting Graphs (#276)

  • Ensure backend is initialized on import (#275)

  • Added __call__ method to tile sources, to restore constructor-like behavior from previous versions (#274)

Version 1.6.0#

This is a major release with a number of important enhancements and bug fixes:



  • Drop bokeh save tool when tile source is used (#257)

  • Compatibility with cartopy 0.17 (#254)

Bug fixes:

  • Improved handling of Point geometries in geopandas dataframe (#204)

  • Fixes for projecting draw tool data (#205)

  • Improvements and fixes for handling of QuadMesh projections (#250)

  • Fixes for Image longitude wrapping (#260)

Version 1.5.1#

This is a bug fix release which includes a number of important fixes and enhancements.


  • Geopandas interface now supports point geometries (#186)

  • Geopandas data now supported in the .to conversion API (#186)


  • Fixed some issues to do with tile source attributions (#176)

  • Fixed bug projecting rectilinear QuadMesh (#178)

  • Improvements to path/polygon projection and clipping (#179)

Version 1.5.0#

Major feature:

  • The bokeh backend now supports arbitrary geographic projections, no longer just Web Mercator (#170)

New components:

  • Added Graph element to plot networks of connected nodes (#115)

  • Added TriMesh element and datashading operation to plot small and large irregular triangular meshes (#115)

  • Added QuadMesh element and datashading operation to plot small and large, irregular rectilinear and curvilinear meshes (#116)

  • Added VectorField element and datashading operation to plot small and large quiver plots and other collections of vectors (#122)

  • Added HexTiles element to plot data binned into a hexagonal grid (#147)

  • Added Labels element to plot a large number of text labels at once (as data rather than as annotations) (#147)

New features:

  • Hover tool now supports displaying geographic coordinates as longitude and latitude (#158)

  • Added a new geoviews.tile_sources module with a predefined set of tile sources (#165)

  • Wrapped the xESMF library as a regridding and interpolation operation for rectilinear and curvilinear grids (#127)

  • HoloViews operations including datashade and rasterize now retain geographic crs coordinate system (#118)


  • Overhauled documentation and added a gallery (#121)

Version 1.4.3#


  • Ensured that HoloViews operations such as datashade, aggregate and regrid do not drop the coordinate reference system on the input element (#118)

  • Unified WMTS support across backends, bokeh and matplotlib now support rendering {X}_{Y}_{Z} based web tiles (#120)

  • Handle projecting of empty Elements (#131)

  • Set Image element NaN coloring to transparent (#136)

  • Overhauled website with new theme (#106)

Version 1.4.2#

Version 1.4.1#

Version 1.4.0#

  • Allow specifying WMTS element with just the URL (#89)

  • Added GeoPandas interface to plot geometries more easily (#88)

  • Added further projection operations allowing most geographic element types to be explicitly projected (#88)

  • Enabled MercatorTicker on geographic bokeh plots ensuring axes are labelled with latitudes and longitudes (#64)

Version 1.3.2#

This is a minor release reapplying a fix which was accidentally reverted in 1.3.1:

  • The WMTS Element now accepts a tile source URL directly for the bokeh backend (PR #83)

Version 1.3.1#

This is a minor release with one small improvements:

  • The WMTS Element now accepts a tile source URL directly for the bokeh backend (PR #83)

Version 1.3.0#

This release is mostly a compatibility release for HoloViews 1.8. It includes a small number of significant fixes and changes:

  • Introduces a general project operation to project most Element types from one crs to another (#69)

  • Added a gv.RGB Element type useful for representing datashader aggregates and particularly loading GeoTiffs with xarray (#75)

  • All geoviews geographic Elements declare a crs, which defaults to PlateCarree() (#76)

  • Fix for compatibility with HoloViews 1.8 (#77)

Version 1.2.0#

This is a minor release mostly to maintain compatibility with the recently released HoloViews 1.7.0.


  • Added project_shape operations (c6c5ce)

  • The Shape.from_records function now supports drop_missing option. #63

  • Compatibility with HoloViews (#59, #60)

  • Bokeh box_zoom tool now matches aspect on geographic plots (c6c41a9)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for Shape Element colormapping (#58)

  • Geographic objects did not inherit crs on clone (df0ba8)

Version 1.1.0#

Minor release to improve usability:

  • Improved layouts, reducing whitespace around non-square plots

  • Added geoviews.features module for simple access to cartopy Features.

  • Improved tutorials

  • Added gv.Dataset class to simplify keeping track of coordinate systems

Version 1.0.0#

First stable version, with support for matplotlib and bokeh (web Mercator projection only). Requires HoloViews 1.6+ to be able to use data from xarray or iris.